it's summertime

July 6, 2011

ice cream

I like summer this year.
Scratch that: I like summer best with someone nearly almost two around.

It's true. The days are ages long and twice-baked in the sun hot and generally, good. In between some struggles we're having with hitting* I like the age of almost two more than any before. The delightful talking! (I feel like I say this every time, about the delightful new talking, but it is really the fucking shit. There's nothing better.) The fun games! The big hugs complete with shoulder patting! New words including (but not limited to) notebook, spaceship, ostrich, dancing, bus, and POCKY.

{*but may we pause to note: screw you, hitting! seriously? seriously, we're still having this problem? leave my toddler alone stupid overwhelming FEELINGS that he can't express. I know it's an age/personality development thing but really. I'm over it. we're doing everything right and we just have to wait for it to end. also: over it.

ok, I feel better. see Jude? this is how it's done, with the goddamned feelings, not by flipping out when you're overtired and smacking stuff/people. got it? everything at our house right now is about FEELINGS and I FEEL that it is very stupid. moving on.}

After the fireworks are over summer is kind of a dead zone. In a weird way I relish this part because there's nothing more to focus on than fully enjoying the length of each day. Sunlight. Yard pool. Playing in the grass. Flip flops. Ice cream. Baking in the heat and conversely hiding from the heat to watch movies with all the shades drawn. Gearing up in long pants and a jacket and sweating bullets to water the garden because what the holy hell very enthusiastic herds of mosquitoes in our yard. Dancing with the Jude to the Flaming Lips in the living room. One little green tomato.

The days are ages long and twice-baked in the sun hot and generally, so good.

oh hello there, new friend we call these 'dad shoes'
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