unleaded, part 2,604

July 8, 2011

I'm really tired of talking about lead poisoning and I imagine you're tired of hearing about it. Humor me, I can't not fill you in after dragging you along this journey every step of the way. Let's link arms and I'll ask you to walk with me just one pace further.

The dust results on our latest impromptu house test– the one that clears us and our house from the state's official roster? NEGATIVE.

(...though there wasn't any there to begin with. whatever. this whole thing makes no sense.)

Knock on wood, cross my heart, cross your legs cross your eyes this will be my final lead-related post for a very long time. We may have follow-up blood check in a few months but for the most part we're free, clear and unleaded. Sweet relief.

We still have no idea what caused the original lead poisoning but they theorize that it was something we picked up traveling around the holidays last year. We'll never know for sure but it least it wasn't caused by our incredibly old house, the guilt would have broken my heart.

In conclusion: I would really not recommend that your child get lead poisoning, as it is a huge scary brain-damaging pain in the ass.

The lessons I hope to share: Never skip your child's scheduled 12 / 24 month lead tests. Be smart and educate yourself about kids and lead hazards. It happens to real people not just idiots who let their babies eat paint.


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