August 31, 2011

and now this.
all up in muh grill. little nap partner

So, the getting another dog thing. You may be wondering, what's up with that, j grumblies? Or you may be wondering, what ever happened to that guy from Hackers? These types of questions plague the minds of my friends and confidants and don't you even try to lie about it. I often think of Hackers and wonder, was someone sitting just off camera making all those fake computer noises?

Fast version: we've been through three four more adoption situations with different dogs and all of them have fallen through in various unfortunate ways, some more dramatically and shittily than others. It is disheartening that it's so difficult to adopt a dog that needs help rather than buying a puppy from someone for profit. Also, people are jerky jerks.

Before yet another person suggests it, yes obviously we are walking into the local humane society and looking for dogs there. I'm not trying to be mean but I'm sort of offended that people think I'm that stupid to not try the spca where they're practically throwing dogs out the windows at lightening speed to get rid of them. You can just cruise in and walk out with six or twelve random dogs like beer from the drive through liquor store. The grouchy Feather Hair at the counter monotones, "You wanna dog? Herea dog! Any ol' dog! Pew pew! Liquidated prices on Black & Milds!" day in and day out.

Reality is that our life is not as drive-thru ready as it once was. We have one dog already, who is kind of nutty, we have a little kid to worry about, and both Jon and I have likes/dislikes about particular breeds. Neither of us is willing to walk out with a middle-aged medium tan, golden girls need not apply. I'll admit we're being picky about it but why shouldn't we be? I'd like to make sure we get the right fit rather than any old dog we're not that crazy about and are now chained to until perpetuity debt and death.

We were supposed to pick up a little dog after work but I have cold feet and we're not going. I keep asking myself, is he the dog for us, or just a dog that we could find right now? The truth is it feels like a dog not the dog. So we wait.

I'm starting to accept that this may take some time and I need to chill the fuck out, which is increasingly difficult because I am an OKAY LET'S DO THIS SHIT WHAM BAM kind of person. I've never been one to be able to just roll along with the ups and downs of these kinds of situations. Were I on a boat in a storm I could attempt to roll with angry waves of the sea but then the captain would be all, "It's a ship, not a boat." and I'd be all, "What?" and he'd be all, "It's a called a SHIP not a BOAT." And then I'd fall overboard and die because hello, I do not know how to roll with it.

Hang in there B, we're working on it.

best friends.
B. She really has a close-talking problem. Too much love in there.
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