August 2, 2011


I mentioned I was going to give the bracelet tutorials for the sailors knot bracelet and the hex bracelet a whirl over the weekend. You know what? They were both SUPER easy. (And I did the nail thing above! Well, a test run of the nail thing. It's easy too. Way to be ambitious with your time, me.)

Sometimes with online tutorials it seems easy from the outside but the final product is more than a little disappointing. While lots of things on pinterest look like a good idea when you actually make them yourself it's a bit... meh.

sailers knot

These were not like that.


Surprisingly the hex bracelet was the more difficult of the two, requiring 10 hands and a degree in multitasking, though once I got the hang of it it wasn't so bad. The trouble was the "tutorial" is not so much instructions as a single picture of the materials needed and a single picture of the final product. So. Good luck with that. I like the way it finished but it was rather annoying to put together.

The sailors knot on the other hand, though it looks fancy as hell, was ever so much fun to make. I could sit down in front of the tv and crank out piles of them. Practice makes perfect. The directions don't say so but make sure your first go around the loop is very loose or else it will be bunchier like mine is. I was having so much fun I kept on going and wove one out of yarn. It would make perfect play jewelry but it works better with something a little stiffer.

(And that's what she said.)

jude approves

The nice part about both of them is that they're baby (and the Jude) friendly.
Try and brake this ROPE, BABY.

(ps your hair is ridiculousness)
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