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August 5, 2011

Since I'm away at blogher with a bag that smells like weasels over my face riding a burro across the border to Tijuana I've asked my friend Kelly to share some of her favorite stuff. Kelly and I can talk about pooping. That's how I know she's a true friend. Soul sisters and #chestbumpinweirdos. She has a unique and amazing grip on color and style– she's a mom and designer, just like me. Dig it.
xoxoxox- your nervously drunken networking leader


Hey Grumbledorfs and Gruntenheimers, my name is Kelly. I usually blog at a little place I call Let's Die Friends. Jamie asked me to share some of my favorite drawings and doodles, just call me the unicorn queen. (Speaking of, Kelly, did you see this last year?)

walkwithu drips

unicornlounging tinanoeyepatch

bloodbath fingerworm

refreshing meltycolor

unicornnuzzle2 baby unicrons

When I was pregnant with Zoey I ventured into the crazy world of parenting blogs (we will call this one that for now, since it is mostly about that at this time). Maybe I just went to the wrong ones, but I quickly decided that parenting blogs were no place for a parent. In fact, they kind of turned me off from even wanting to associate with other parents at all. Until I saw Jamie's blog. Her shit is funny, and at times informative. Can I say "shit" on her blog? Because I just did. Twice.

Anyway, through her I ended up meeting all these twitter moms, and it turns out I really like them! And their blogs! And now here I am, guest posting on one of them, and all is right in the universe.

Dream on, unicorn lovers.

{ check out Let's Die Friends for more fun design stuff or follow Kelly on twitter }
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