the student has become the master

September 8, 2011

...just kidding. But remember when I was doing that whole learning to knit thing? Yeah. Still happening. Knitting I am! Knitting the things! This time though I got to knit something very special. Something for a baby, a baby coming... this weekend!?


I made her new her this hat. I think it turned out... well? Fabulous even? Suffice it to say I don't have any peoples in my house small enough to model an infant's hat so we can all ooh and ahh about it. ...But don't you worry your pitter-pattery heart, I ferreted out a temporary solution for us in the form of someone green–

knit hat

knit hat
knit hat

Best wishes for a healthy new lady on the way.

{When do I get to call myself a knitter and not just a learning-very-beginning-knitter? 'Cause I don't want to be all cocky about it but I'm tearing this shit up and down the block. You decide and let me know, I'm too busy cranking out hats like it's nobody's cousin's business school.}

{ps. yes, this happened. Yes, I will tell you allllll about it. Hold your horses by their noses, details are coming posthaste and forthwith.}
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