vintage halloween clone wars

October 28, 2011

it's not jude, it's ME.

No, that's not a picture of the Jude. That's a picture of me.
Much like a mushy terrible jellyfish I have given birth to my own clone.

(Ok scratch that, I'd much rather be a komodo dragon than a jellyfish.
Did you know that they can also self-produce? Now you do.
The more you knooooooow!)

People often ask where the Jude gets his sandy blond curls. Look no further!
It's me! Though it's a little confusing since I now look like this:

it's been a weird day. again.

(And the hair's not a dye job, it changed as I aged like a fine wine.)
(...Or something spoiled and rotten. You know.)

Regardless of my current appearance it's continually shocking how much Jude looks like, well, tiny me. Some days I see Jon in there, for sure, and kid has heart-stopping dimples which neither of us were graced with, but mostly... yeah. That's me. The resemblance is at times enough to stand your hair on end. I wrote an identical post last year and you know what? It's only gotten worse. Apparently some things never change?

jude two pumpkin donut

I'm linking up with Amy and Suzanne so we can all share our vintage halloween photos, except then I got distracted and talked about something else. The good news is I have all week to dig up photos of my awesome old costumes. (Or ask my mom to scan some for me. Derp.) And so do you. Show and tell! Join us!

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