career change

October 11, 2011

jude and goats
cutest goat
goats being weird
oh, you!
fucking freaky ass goats

I'm going to quit my job and become a professional goat portraiteur.
Get ready to set the local goat-photography craigslist market ON FIRE.

On-location photographer specializing in goats. You bring the goats, I bring the cameras, we make the magic. Good clean fun with goats! Have your photos converted into canvas artwork for your home, glossy photo books, woven blankets/bathmats/potholders/tshirts and more! Treasure your goats' uniquely creepy slit-eyed beauty forever. They're up to something– let's find out what!
No extra charge for multiple goats!!!!!! 

(click any photo above to enlargen the goats, cause DAMN goats be freaky lookin'.)
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