satisfaction coma

October 10, 2011

Here it is, straight up: Life is good around here. I have no beef with life right now besides that it's Monday and I have zero motivation to wax the eloquent about a single subject but still the nagging feeling that I really should be waxing eloquently about... something. I'm not going to.

There's this great pressure to always be writing grand emotional hilarious posts that everyone will share with their nearest friends and say, "this girl, I love her." Who wouldn't want that? I do. But it's not real life, no one lives like that.

Sometimes you have to write posts that are like, "Hey man, I had a nice weekend. I took my kid to the zoo and it was just ok and nothing bloggable happened but we had a really great time. How are you?" That's real life. Sometimes things are just ok. And that's ok, I still love you. And if you don't still love me for having a just-ok-boring weekend then I'm not sorry to see you go, hear what I'm sayin'? FUCK THE POLICE.

{Ranting paragraph about the state of the blogosphere redacted because WHOA KILLER that needs to be its own post. stay tuned. Maybe. OR NOT. Be on the seats of your pant's edges.}

I bought a twix bar just now. I'm not going to eat it. Because I feel guilty, guilty! for eating a twix bar I bought in the middle of the afternoon on a Monday. That, my friends, is the face of mental illness: my face not eating this twix bar. I bought it just because I could, but I do not give myself permission to unwrap it.

Also, hey guys, I had a nice weekend. How are you?
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