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October 27, 2011

nablopomo 2011

It's almost that time again.

No, no, no, not my period, November. And along with it comes the yearly tradition of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month).

If you're unfamiliar November is the official/original National Blog Posting Month, where participants strive to post something every day, that's all you do! You can sign up on the NaBloPoMo website to be added to the official blogroll. Those successful in their quest are eligible for a chance at prizes, if I remember correctly. Prizes! But really the point is to learn something in the process of daily writing/blogging. It's also a fun way to make new friends. (San and Amy! and others!)

This will be my third year so I'm thoroughly prepared to tear ass around the yard until the final week when the tables turn and it becomes impossibly difficult. I blame Thanksgiving. Regardless, let me know if you plan to participate so I can spread the lovin' all around. By lovin' I mean comments. Less delicious than donuts but more easily transmitted through computers.

I'm also going to be doing a few other personal challenges for the month of November, just to keep things interesting. Mostly interesting for myself not for you. Sorry about that.

Number one: I am going to wash my face every night before bed. This probably sounds like an incredibly stupid challenge to you, because what kind of unlettered lady-hobo doesn't wash their face before bed?! THIS KIND. Until now. As part and parcel to this challenge I am not going to touch my face all the time. Seriously. Stop. ASNASKL:FJNKJ!!!

Number two: I am going to try and get on the shred wagon again for a spell. While I'm aware that healthy diet is much more important to fitness I'm A) not willing to stop drinking coffee and eating frozen pizza (HOLLA!) and B) feel happier about myself when I hop around my living room a few times a week. Small steps. Baby steps. Ok, really more like crawling and then falling over and flailing around. I'm not all that gung-ho about this one but it sounds like a swell theory.

Number three: Sunday nights I am going to leave comments like a crazy person. I've found myself more often reading blogs via RSS on my phone. It makes it easier to keep up with everyone (great!) but impossibly difficult to comment (sad trombone!). Oh I'm lurking out there alright. Comments are the breath of life for blogging. They feel good! They build community! Make friends! Yes, I need to start doing that again in a big way. Sunday, that's my day. See you then.

If you don't plan to NaBloPoWhatever well THAT'S FINE THEN. Just be prepared for mad crazy posting this month, ON WEEKENDS EVEN. Gasp. TREAT FOR YOU! OR NOT!

all my love,
j grumblies
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