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November 2, 2011

{Kelly and I were talking (on twitter) (of course we were) and she mentioned she had a crazy Halloween-related rant she was dying to spew all over the universe but couldn't– and I immediately jumped at the chance to host it here because well hell, I love a good rant like I love um... fun size twix. Or KING SIZE twix. Let us enjoy. -j}

A note to people who pass out prayer cards on Halloween...

jesuscardMy friend Janelle posted a picture on Facebook of a prayer card her daughter received while out trick-or-treating. She thought it was funny, as did most people who commented. I did not. In fact, it made me really mad. I woke up this morning and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Why was this plaguing me so? I have friends from every different faith, from Mormon to Muslim, and I am totally down with everyone, so WHY does it bother me so much that someone should pass out a prayer card on Halloween? Why do I suddenly not find it funny, and in fact, find it completely inappropriate and sneaky? And then I realized that it bothers me now because I am a parent.

When you and your partner (or hey, just you) become parents, you have to make choices – how will we raise our child? What morals, beliefs, and traditions are important to us? For most people, this involves a religion. For some, it doesn’t. Either way, you decide and then you try to instill these morals, beliefs and traditions in your children. A family’s beliefs are sacred to them. It is not your job to put those things in place for someone else’s child, and when you pass out prayer cards on Halloween, that is exactly what you are attempting to do.

Please allow me to repeat myself: IT IS NOT YOUR JOB. Do not try to undermine all the hard work parents have put into their family’s belief system. When you hand out prayer cards on Halloween, you are undermining ME as the parent of my child. Even if your beliefs are in line with mine, it is still not okay because you don’t know that going into it. If you hand out cards that ARE in line with my beliefs, I would still be offended because you are trying to undermine other parents and what they teach their families. And IT IS NOT YOUR JOB.

If you feel that it is important for people to have reading materials about your religion, hand them to the parent and let the parent decide if it is in line with their family’s values and whether or not they want their child to read it. Because, once again, IT IS NOT YOUR JOB to instill values and beliefs into my child. I will do that, thank you very much.

{I didn't notice this happening in our crazy hippy neighborhood this year (ha! As if). Have you ever noticed it in your 'hood? How would you feel about someone handing tracts directly to your kid? 

Me? I'm not a big tracts person. Of any kind. Um, ever. So call me biased, because I am, but I wouldn't be down with it. I might stab someone. Or just say no thank you in a REALLY RUDE WAY. My smile wouldn't even reach my eyes. COLD SMILE. Weigh in.}
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