goodbye forever

November 30, 2011

It's the last day of November; the last day of nablopomo; the last day of movember. Hi. You're still here! We made it! I think we all deserve a pat on the back and a stiff drink, probably more for you than me. This year's nablopomo flew by (for me) at a rate not a whit slower that the speed of fucking light. PEW! Gone! I'm not sure if it was because it was my third year and I'm an old pro, because life with a toddler is utter madness, or because I cheated didn't cheat at all. Any which way, we're done.

What did I learn this year: It's all about control. Washing my face every night is a cute gesture, but not touching it is infinitely more important to looking beauteous. I didn't do the shred one single time. I did, however, eat a whole lot of pie– and I'm okay with that. Nablowies is nice and all but I'm ready for a good rest. I'd like to breathe some fresh air, take a nap, and return to quality over quantity. And do some more shopping on craigslist because I love to cheat death by just the skin of my teeth.

That's all well and good, that reflective junk, but let's get to the importanty stuff:

Oh don't give me those puppy dog eyes, Mr. Pringles. The horror is almost over.

Today is the final day of movember. We (Am I allowed to say we? Is this a 'we?' I help. I do!) Anyway both of us have been amazed by your support. Floored. Humbled. We have crushed all my wildest donation dreams like BAM. You can check out our progress here. But this is your final call– if you were planning to donate for men's heath and cancer research today is your last day. Tie a little ribbon around your finger. Or on your face.
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