November 21, 2011

The quickly approaching holidays always give me brain freeze, making it my least favorite part of nablopomo. Not only to post while I am (assumably) traveling and stuffing my face but before that when I am packing and painting my toenails and washing my underwear is a challenge in and of itself. My brain has set itself on 'white noise.' Hrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmmbbuuzzzzzzz.

In a strange way though I also love this time because statistically the chances of you reading this are terrible awful. No one reads blogs on holiday weeks. Fact. Their brains must also be on holiday/travel/pie hrrrumbuzzz. So we can talk about anything we want, it's just you and me here! Farts! Abortion! Hair care or lack thereof! Lady times!

We hosted a big pre-holiday dinner at our house over the weekend replete with rarely-seen friends, a Friendsgiving event, if you will. (I will.) There was an entire turkey (Omg! We're like adults! We cook whole turkeys!) and gravy and stuffing and sweet potatoes and rolls from scratch and tofu-turkey dressing and caramel apple pie and cheesecake and wine and beer and mead and canned cranberry sauce because there has to be canned cranberry sauce.

We talked and drank and ate too much food. It warmed my stiff robotic heart to see our normally empty dining room crammed full of love. AND they left the pie behind. I knew they were my friends for a reason. Pie is the best breakfast. And lunch. And dinner. Oh YOU PEOPLE! And then I posted their pictures without their permission and they hated me forever. But... it's so heartwarmingly perfect!

Let's live in here forever. You can come too if you bring more pie.

452464343 friendsgiving. <3
this is in the oven.

In addition to homemade rolls I made these sweet potatoes. If you're looking for a recipe, WINNER! They were bangerang. Honey ilo sugar, NO butter* and still the tasteawesomesauce.
*Well, I did add butter to the pecan topping. But only a smidgen. It just seemed wise. Come on.

The Jude had leftover vegetarian dressing for dinner last night and as an afterthought I tossed a sliver of cranberry on his plate. Dude went wild, WILD for cranberry sauce.

"More cleanbellies, Dad! More! Please, please, more cleanbellies!"

And I will 100% not be correcting that because it's too damned perfect.
Pass the cleanbellies, please.
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