this train don't stop for nobody

November 25, 2011

happiness is a warm gun

I kind of feel like I've been cheating at nablopomo. Weekend posting has pretty much devolved into photos and by all accounts I blame instagram. Instagram, you bastard! There are two ways we could take thIS TURN OF EVENTS (I am writing this on THE IPAD and I'm leaving that like THAT Thanks iPad. You can be my editor anytime.): Anyways, Either posting live-feed photos of my weekend (and holiday) days is the very worst kind of corner cutting OR it's the absolute most honest kind of blogging possible. I'm leaning towards the latter with a side of occasional regretful guilt.

That's part of nablopomo's charm however, walking the fine line between every post being a national bestseller and the ones that just document the trudge of days with bullet points. It brings all the weirdest parts of blogging to the surface and I like being reminded of what a strange strange medium it is, part diary, part news article, part opinion column, part MySpace photos.

In the end as much as I hate posting lame weekend posts during nablopomo it solidifies what I love about blogging. You can do it however you want to, be that complete sucking or, as I think we would all prefer, the kicking of asses. I like the reminder that I'm the boss and no stats or reader expectations can keep me from posting whatever strange lame things I please.

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