welcome to gatorween

November 3, 2011

This was Jude's first Halloween. (I mean not really, he was alive during Halloween two other times, but this was the first time we actually thought he could meaningfully participate. (I know some people take their babies around earlier but I wasn't going to drag my kid around when he had no idea what was happening.) So it was our first real doin' stuff Halloween.)

The Jude was a gator. Or as he would tell everyone,
"I a aggigator RAWRRRR."


(FYI: Gators like peaches. A lot.)

We found this little gator vest for $5 at the local thrift and snapped it up because little dude has been on an alligator kick. Ever since we let him watch Swampy Peoples because we're winning at parenthood. A trip to the zoo not long after reaffirmed his blossoming love of the gator, so little halloween gator it was. Okay then. RAWRRR!

I did not have high expectations. I figured we'd walk him down out street to see the neighbors and walk back. We had been practicing with the vest for weeks because at first he was scared of it. He likes it now, but don't you dare put that hood on his head:


(Baha. Bahahaha. Bahahaha.)

But you guys. GUYS. GUYYYYYS....


He was so into it. We ended up staying out from 6-8 before walking home in the dark. I can't put into words how PROUD I was, which sounds like a completely stupid thing to say. Somehow seeing the whole concept click in his little brain made my old crinkly brain explode into a million pieces. I'm still cleaning the gray goop off the walls.


He rocked it beyond my wildest imaginings. He walked up to each house, said "Trick or treat!" put a candy in his bucket and yelled, "THANK YOUUUU!" ...And then ran like mad to the next house. He laughed and talked and walked with other kids.

(I'm starting to think he is secretly seven, he's so damned independent. Which is not a complaint, it is just crazy. He is TWO. TWOOOO. Not even like two and a half. Just turned two. Apparently I previously underestimated the power of two.)

(Also that is like the 5th time I've accidentally capitalized 'He' while writing this. Maybe I think my kid is a halloween god, because He is. Or maybe yesterday's conversation is rubbing off on me.)


It's days like this one (and this one) that make parenting magical. Despite the days in between of complete tantrum madness it is just so good, so rewarding. To see your kid "get it" is inexplicably incredible. You can almost hear their brains growing from all the new information. And their enthusiasm is utterly contagious.


Lucky for Jon and I at this point he only cares about eating the lollipops.

dance 2

(Gratiuitous shots of gator action at our neighborhood Halloween dance/pizza party.)

(Funny aside story about the pizza party, one of the other parents came in a gorilla suit and Jude thought he was THE gorilla from the Goodnight Gorilla book. He followed him around for an hour with the biggest most awed eyes I've ever seen.
He walked up and said, "Hi monkey! I Jude. I a gator."
 It was the first time he's ever told anyone his name. I almost teared up right there.
I'm such a wusslord now. Kids!)
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