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December 9, 2011

It's been almost exactly three months since Harlan T. Pepper came to live with us and left life at the shelter far behind. How is life with our new family member? How does old dog like new dog? How does the Jude like new dog? All this and more on this episode of IT'S FRIDAY AND I LIKE COFFEE! Several of you have asked and as prosaic as it may be poor pathetic sad-eyed Harlan probably deserves an update. Pshhhhhhh. I guess or something.

Harlan is now ten(ish) months old and skinny as a sack of bones. Growing ones.
This is life with Harlan in a nutshell:

"I just *love* puppies!" - Jon

On the other hand, there's this:


...and this and this and this and this and this:

noses. paws. WEIRDOS. she is crushing him with her fat.
true love. true, ridiculous love. #omfg again! with the snuggling! #bestfriends
hand holders. hugs for everyones! hooray! #thelove

If you were wondering if they like each other (or if they are lazy)
the answer is NO, not at all.

Lest you think all they do is flop around like dog shaped pillows they also do this:


Yes, all our hopes and dreams came true. Bang and Harlan are in love like long lost soul mates. Personally, I think he's okay. I mean... okay. He's cute. He's gentle. He loves Jude. He's mild mannered... when he isn't chewing and WHINING like a GODDAMN PUPPY GRAH GRRR ARG PUPPIES. He has endearingly long floppy muppet arms. In comparison most days he makes Bang look like a fat little angel but she still close talks like all get out.


With a Harlan T. Pepper Q and the A:

What breed is he?
Harlan is a plott hound, which is a large type of coonhound used for hunting boar. His unusual brindle coat is totally stereotypical plott hound. He is pure bred plott. We discovered he has an identification tattoo on his leg which hunters use to identify their litters. At one point he was somebody's prize hound dog.

How did he end up at the SPCA?
He was brought in after being hit by a car. He spent 3 months recuperating from a skull fracture at the SPCA before he was eligible for adoption and by the time he was healed he was so large (plotts are one of the largest types of hounds) that he had a hard time finding a home. At six months old he looked two or three years. The only giveaway he was a youngin' was his big floppy monster feet.

He still has some lingering side effects from the car accident. His head is very sensitive and his back legs go a little wonky. He may have some brain damage but it's hard to tell for sure. In some ways he is incredibly smart (learning to sit, walking on a leash) but he has a few tics that indicate he might not be all there.

Why is he named Harlan T. Pepper?



Any questions?
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