blackout shmackout

January 18, 2012

dear friends,

As a few of you may have noticed you were unable to access this site as part of the SOPA/PIPA blackout. The good news is, things are back to normal. If that's all you need to know, byeeeeeee! If you're interested in why I decided to participate I think it's worth a brief mention.

The blackout of Wikipedia and other sites (including this blog!) was not a 'protest' or 'demonstration,' it was a simulation of the future if SOPA/PIPA passes as it reads today. These bills encourage the development of censorship for websites with little recourse or due process.

I have had content and photos scraped/stolen. I am against piracy and I'm all for better protection for our content. This is just not the right step to do that. I read the bills because several people contended that this would, "not affect bloggers, ps shut up yall, WAH." There's no doubt the intended target of this is foreign websites and file-sharing sites like pirate bay. While that might be their best intention, the wording right now leaves a grand canyon of trouble for the rest of us. This is a fumble in the dark which will be at the expense of small creators.

At this point we've all been inundated with SOPA/PIPA information and jokes– trouble is, those old dude's making our legislation aren't on twitter or facebook. We still need to make sure they know we don't support the bills. I wrote to my representatives yesterday and I hope you did/will too.

back to business as usual, and lord help us let it stay that way

all my love,
j grumblies

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