chitter chatter

January 13, 2012

Random things we should talk about, in no particular order:


I bought these boots. I want to have their babies.

I'm not quite sure what's happening here.

This is my child, trapped inside his shirt. Shirts: so puzzling.

BAM. hat owned. hat

I knitted this hat up over New Year's in about 5 hours and I want to make ten million more even though I have promised gloves to half the people I know.
Pattern here, ten thumbs up.

pssshhhh, who needs another baby?

This is what I do when I start thinking about tiny... squishy... babies.

tiny ice. makes me hungry. #samoas

I am mysteriously hungry for samoas and simultaneously angry about our pathetic lack of snow.

bahaha that face.

This face? Too hilarious.

"A spaceship is coming!" -the Jude

"A spaceship is coming!" - the jude

dis my bear.

Also, in case you blinked, he is fifteen now.

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