january, set one

January 9, 2012

Those of you on instagram already know all about this because it's inescapable, but for those who are blissfully unaware many of us are participating in a photo-a-day game called #janphotoaday. Each day has a specific theme and you select one shot accordingly to share every day in January.

It's one of those "slice of life" things, but the real fun is seeing what everyone else does. We're a big bunch of creepers, aren't we? Also, I should have posted this yesterday but I was busy watching Star Trek under three blankets. Busy is relative on the weekends and I refuse to apologize. So there.

it's gots the crazy-eye. #janphotoaday
breakfast. #janphotoaday
something I adore: nude picnics. #janphotoaday
letterbox. #janphotoaday
my sky- #janphotoaday I waited all day in the hope is would be anything besides empty blue. now, too dark.
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