that's just nature, Gunter.

January 26, 2012

There is one huge advantage to going to the zoo in blustery 20° weather: no one else is there. When I say no one I mean it– there was one other car in the parking lot and they weren't even taking tickets at the gate, it was just standing open with the wind rushing on through. FREE ZOO, bring your parka.

Even though it required much bundling up it was worth it because oh my god, winter with a little boy has been painful. He needs more exercise than a greyhound and I'm running out of indoor activities. Be free, little zoo explorer, and you can actually run around by yourself because no one is here. RUN. RUN IT ALL OUT.

Besides, I like the zoo.

he looks like a face-biter to me.
it's not a puma

This is jude and Joseph, the puma that wanted to eat him.

this is my son, deliberately taunting the puma that wants to eat him.

This is jude, deliberately taunting the puma that wanted to eat him.

Kitty-cat, meow!

alarming eye contact. #babyeater

Okay dude, time to break off your awkward eye contact.


avoid the manatees at any cost.
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