very unsatisfactory indeed

February 14, 2012

naturally stupid

A few years ago one of my friends sat me down very seriously and said he wanted to give me some advice. I cocked my head to the side like a dog watching a sandwich and waited for what I was sure was going to be the glowing gem that would transform me from moppet to gilded lady. Was my underwear showing? Did I fart when I walked? He plunged ahead, his face grim.

"Jamie," he began, and he patronizingly leaned forward and cupped his hand over my shoulder, though I can't really remember if that part actually happened or if it just feels like it did, "You pluck your eyebrows too much. They look weird. You should just let them fill in on the sides. That would be better. You're welcome."

I shrugged, stood up, and left.

The lesson here being two things:

Ten years later, I still think about that comment every time I look at my eyebrows.
So thanks very much for that. And,

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