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March 30, 2012

This will be the most ridiculous thing you read all week*, in case you missed it and were really hoping I would drop the phrase "mouth babies" in public instead of continuing to babble on about my huge pile of emotional baggage or that one other one that was actually of the awesome if I may say so, which I may because I so rarely do. But take it from me, don't miss the mouth babies:

Kate and William Royal Souvenir Gone Horribly Horribly Wrong
The icing on the cake is that even Kate Middleton’s exclusive 1st Year Anniversary Cups won’t give her poor beleaguered lady-cave a rest. The manufacturer’s website, which is a gem in and of itself, blesses us with their rather aggressive grasp of English and their dreamy hopes for Will & Kate’s future...

Please to continue reading over at Mamapop ››

*I mean most ridiculous thing written by me. There's a lower proportional probability that it's the most ridiculous thing you read all week, especially if you read that Cracked article about crazy movie directors. That was a pretty good one. Just sayin'.
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