JJ flip, what the zip?!

March 22, 2012

mamapop_badgeThis one time, the rad people over at Mamapop asked me if I'd like to cut class and write some dirty notes with them behind the gym.

Spoiler alert: I said yes. I hate class. Duh.

(Don't say anything, but I think they might have actually been looking for the gurmbles. That chick is way funnier than I am and she probably doesn't have to google famous people's names to find out who the hell they are. And I'll bet she washes her hair. Smug.)

SO anyway, that's really happening, starting today. I'm excited about it and I want you to be excited about it. The only way this deal could get better is if I can convince them to let me write about Adventure Time and Swampy Peoples. It's something new and different than the personal bananas I mash around over here so don't worry that this will change a single thing between you and I . You + Me = 4 Lyfe. But, if your game is pop culture news for parents then they're (omg, we're!) your slightly ridiculous women and men.

If you will do me the great honor of supporting my inaugural post, I will buy you... something really nice. I will also post a video of myself dancing, MAYBE. TIME WILL TELL. I MADE THIS FOR YOU:

How I Fell In Love With ‘Hunger Games’ Star Jennifer Lawrence – She's Nervous, Hilarious, and Surprisingly Normal:

We’re getting hot and heavy about the upcoming (OMG tomorrow!) premiere of The Hunger Games, and though the series has seen its share of controversy about the violent storyline, its star, Jennifer Lawrence, has been keeping her nose squeaky clean. Fans of the books are already anticipating her character Katniss Everdeen’s s untarnished integrity; meanwhile, Lawrence has been busy revealing herself to be unexpectedly crazy freaking adorable, even while holding a hawk...

Puhlease to continue reading over at Mamapop ››

(PS, I've talked Jon into going to see it with me tomorrow, on the day it opens, in a THEATER. In a theater without our child! IS THIS REAL LIFE OR AM I DREAMING?)
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