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April 5, 2012

If you've been around for a while you know that three years ago I planted my very first garden, with the simple goal of just not killing all the things with my blackened zombie touch. Result: success! Things were alive! –Cut to year two, when out of nowhere I grew a paddock of totally epic freakin' 7 foot tall tomato plants that people kept insisting were pot, which THEY WEREN'T I JUST LOVE EATING CHIPS AND SALSA. Anyway, I iz gardner now in between my other hobbies like knitting, (smashing) porcelain cats, and otherwise being 95 years old.

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Welcome to the wonderful, the magical... it's the grumblie's own
World of SEEDS!

I imagine this is one of Jon's least favorite times of year because I spend an inordinate amount of time standing around on the back deck fawning over, "My seed babies! My seeeeeed babies!" though I haven't asked him about it so maybe he really likes it. You never know. However the options are to a) pretend you like it or b) not eat any of my awesome food products. So START PRETENDING.

The magical World of Seeds has been underway for a few weeks already, and yes, I grow the whole garden from seed because I am a crazy cheap Grandma, and yes, in containers because I don't like it when my dogs pee on the food I'm planning to eat. This seems self explanatory, but here I am explaining. Maybe you don't have dogs. Sad/happy for you.

welcome to the ✨World of Seeds✨

(The angles in this picture hurt my brain. This was poorly thought out. Just keep scrolling
and chock it up as one of the many things in the universe to say, "it gets better.")

Enter the 2012 Plan of Attack:

Herbally: Oregano (back from last year!), parsley (STILL from last year!), sage (AND LAST YEAR), sweet basil, cooking basil, and cilantro which didn't do so hot last season so let's cross our fingers for a better crop this time mama needs salsa, ps I think I've been planting it at the completely wrong time, but let's not speak of that.

Foodily: Strawberries (bringin' back 2011 in the houuuuuse!), chives, hybrid tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, yellow squash, hot spicy peppers, and those wee-bitty snacking cucumbers, aren't those damned things so cute?? Despite some halfhearted attempts I was unable to find the type of eggplant I wanted, but if last year's plant forest was any indicator I've got enough on my pants* already.

Let the madness begin.

welcome, cilantro. #worldofseeds
basil #worldofseeds
tomato babies #worldofseeds

*World's most amazing typo.
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