outtake derp extravaganza

April 13, 2012

In my obligatory quest to take a zillion photos of our kid for no good reason there have always been ones that have turned out well... not quite as well as I had hoped.

I usually laugh at Jude's expense, file them away, and completely forget about them– until today, when I remembered. Blame the combination of Claritin and coffee.

Thus I present for your enjoyment a selection of oops-derp moments, the ones you've never gotten to see:

silly face
O HAI.  

...sigh  ...boys.
Uh, whatcha doin' there little buddy?

Arrrrgggggrgiseurhwekrh mid-picture BABY ATTACK!!

Really Mom? This is seriously what you want me to do, with the water and whatever?
(outtake from It's summertime)

Touching grass: not okay.
(heh from just when I was getting all cocky and stuff)

Huhwhat? Zzzzzz...
(outtake from Mr. Jude and the cup)

aw maaannn....
Heeeeyyyyy man

Future Scooby Doo villain right there.

(outtake from to hell in a handbasket)

Snow is unsatisfactory.
(outtake from snow day)

chubby chubby 2 x 4
This is one of the my all-time favorite but least flattering pictures ever.
(outtake from jude in a nutshell)

I've got my eye on you, MULCH, no tricks.
(still hilarious from strangawesome in february)

breakfast party
(outtake from breakfast party: vacation edition)

hilarious wind-hair
Oh man. Not your best look here, kid.
(outtake from dear jude: two)

Heeeeeyyyy I have lost control of this large stick.
(outtake from pretty boy take off in 5-4-3-2-1)

(See also: the mei tai outtakes and the secret life of a blogger.)
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