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April 12, 2012

This week while you were sleeping, eating, sleep-eating, and otherwise continuing about your business:

10 Movies You Should Absolutely Not Watch While Pregnant 
From sob-fests to traumatic births, and it only gets worse from there. Take it from me and put down the remote.

Please to be reading me over at teh mamapop ››

(And be sure to weigh in with what movies I missed, I had a list a mile long by the time I was through.)

In a related story, I happened to accidentally see almost all of the above movies when I was pregnant with Jude, except for the Unborn which I totally saw on purpose instead of by accident because I love that hokey horror stuff. I say I love it, when in actuality I mean I love listening to the surprise! sounds with my eyes closed. Since that happens every time maybe I don't like horror movies as much as I think I do?

Anyway, Jon had to live through one eventful month during my pregnancy during which we saw I Am Legend, Marley & Me, and Up all in a row. IT WAS NOT WELL with the crying, is all I'm saying. Not well at all.
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