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April 2, 2012

It would be great if we could change the name of my job to 'pictures of crap in my backyard with my telephone' because I would ROCK at that job. It would be my bitch, and I would own it all day long, every day. Imagine if, just for example, someone needed very glamorous photos of tire irons, who that person might be I don't know, but they have a need and here I am, filling it:

motion pro motorcycle tire irons
motion pro motorcycle tire irons

BOOM. Got you covered. Those are some ultra-sexy tire irons. This is a public service announcement about the sex appeal of tire irons. Dear Motion Pro: You know where to find me. Kiss kiss.

But, you may ask, what if someone really needed pictures of two dogs biting each other like possessed morons? Can you do that? CAN YOU? Oh, hello:

Battle Royale initiate LEAP ATTACK!to the THROAT
nom nom nomlolololol...

(We call the annoying one Bitey. Good luck figuring out which one that is.)

Please to be noting: I LIKE TO TAKE PICTURES OF DOGS-

dragon lady



Also, I have wizard powers.

wizard jamie

Goodbye forever.

she's not pooping.
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