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May 9, 2012

We switched Jude to a toddler bed (essentially his crib sans-bars on one side) last August without much fuss, and I had to look that up in my blog archives just now to verify the date because it feels like it happened ten million years ago. Thanks blog, I knew I was doing all this crap for a reason!

The switch over to a real bed was not much to speak of, in part because for a few weeks following he still didn't understand that he could just climb out whenever he wanted. He would lay in bed and yell, "MoooOOOOOmmmm! DaaaAAAAdddd!" until someone came in to fetch him, which is a quirk he comes by honestly as much to my parents consternation I did the exact same thing far into my childhood until I finally accepted that the probability of monsters eating my feet as I took that first critical step out of bed was minimal. One time recently I dared a glance under the bed as I was rushing through our room carrying laundry and almost pooped my pants when Bang's face was peering back at me from the darkness. UNCOOL, B, UNCOOL.

Anyway, to summarize, Jude's been in a "big kid" bed for a while now without incident. He did eventually figure out he could get up and wander around. Hey, what he does once his door is closed is not my concern, as long as he's being quiet. Yay or whatever.

I never did a "room tour" of Jude's room. I had always intended to and then... well really I have no excuse, it just didn't seem interesting even though his room is a happy place. This is probably as close as I'll ever get to doing one because come on man, he's almost three. The moment has passed. Boat sailed, bird flew, plane sank.

Jude's room

Jude's room
Jude's room
Jude's room

(I like how that arrow says, "LOOK AT THIS HOODIE I LEFT ON THE FLOOR."
This is why I am not qualified to do a room tour.
Hey it's green, it'll like, totally blend in.)

The loft peeking out above was from Jon's parents and Jude's current bed sits beneath it. I can't resist the draw of bunk beds, which is one of the few complaints I had growing up about being an only child– no need for a bunk bed means well, no bunk bed. Bunk beds have cost me many envious tears and I take every available opportunity to sneak into Jude's room and sleep in it. Also, I'm five. Being a parent is great!

Jude never noticed the loft or acknowledged it in any way, which if you follow where this is inevitably going, ended abruptly. Jon tucked him in one night, in his regular bed, turned out the light and closed the door. The next morning when we went into his room we found him curled up happy as a slice of pie at the top of the loft. He crept out of bed, climbed up the railing unassisted in the black of night, and fell blissfully asleep, all without tripping the baby monitor. I've never even seen him climb the ladder before so OH HEY, SHOCKING SURPRISE.

I'm not really sure there's a way to stop him, so uh, that's happening now?
From big bed to big BIG bed. Way to go, kid.

loft creeper

(Cue collective "D'awwwww!" at my boy sneaking up to sleep in the same bed his dad did as a boy, even my cold heart can't deny that one. Is it dusty in here? Allergies again? No? Let's hug it out.)
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