hey guys, the Jude wants to read you a book!

May 1, 2012

It's called Everybody Poops and then Counts the Poops.

everybody poops from the grumbles on Vimeo.

{This is my acknowledgment that I know this is probably something only myself and my mother will enjoy, and this is me telling you that I know so you know that I know and now we all know. Normally as soon as I start recording video he screams and runs in the opposite direction. Jude on video doing anything OTHER than screaming is a rare sight. Somehow he KNOWS when the camera goes on like spider-sense and his head spins around and lazers shoot out of his eyes. I have hundreds of 3 second clips of him looking over and screaming, so you will take this and YOU WILL LIKE IT. Besides, you can't deny he's kind of the best. Psshhhh.}
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