oh great she's talking about her GARDEN again

May 22, 2012

dear happy place: thanks for being cute with the evening magic.cactus

Hey cute little yard garden, what's up? I want to be in you all night and all day, and well, I pretty much am thanks to my sudden and bizarre interest in growing seeds. World of seeds! World of seeds! World of seeds! (I'm trying to get a chant going here. Please participate, you're making me look weird again.) (Says the 70 year old woman carefully tending to her many plants.)

we're putting this pinterest myth to the test #noweeds #newspaperthievesphase two of project newspaper no-weeds: mulch up in this piece

We tested/are testing this newspaper-as-a-weedblocker trick that I've seen recently on pinterest but is also an old gardening trick, making all experienced gardeners laugh their asses off about us posh new people trying out this "brand new!" idea. The gist is: Mow down weeds, cover with thick layers of wet newspaper, mulch over the top.

Where do you get enough newspaper to do something like this? Steal them. Glad I could clear that up for you.

Results so far: Hey man, totally works! BUT– fyi, dogs eat newspaper. So that's not so cool. DOGS. DOGS NAMED HARLAN.

motherfucker.anti-Harlan fence. fingers crossed.

Hey, speaking of things I want to punch in the face, this is the new FENCE around my strawberry plant courtesy of Harlan's hungry yapper. DOGS! DoooOOOOGS! And we still like them for some reason, except maybe he should stay away from me for a while. He claimed the first most beautiful strawberry with his teeth, the second went to Jude. My turn next, OR ELSE.


That's it Plant-Killer McHarls, LOOK GUILTY.

Audrey II has taken this whole growing thing to the red:

Audrey II update. #worldofseedsAudrey II update. #worldofseeds
whoa Audrey II, whoa.

BAM! POW! Now THAT'S how you grow some shit.
And oh hey, these are new:

peas! PEAS! peas! peas are coming! #worldofseedsUntitled

The Lord said, "Let there be peas!" and then there were peas like, right there.

tomato babies #worldofseedsUntitled

Tomato babies. Growing. A million different kinds. Whatever. I'll let you know when something exciting happens, like they start looking like pot again or we get to start making gallons of salsa. It's going to be a while.

Grown woman gardening: Not cute.
Tiny gardening assistant: Totally cute.

Jude's new gardening gloves.littlest gardener
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