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May 4, 2012


Hi. It's Friday. Let's talk.

I have been feeling out of sorts, and I'm not sure if it's genuine out-of-sortsliness or if it is my invisible period making my lady-brain go haywire. Either way, I've spent several afternoons fitfully staring into the middle-distance and contemplating the futility of online life, and how sometimes no one is around on twitter to talk to me and I feel lonely. One of the down sides of people's natural tendency to flock to drama is that if you don't have any drama you're just standing around in the shadows kicking rocks. This is probably the least earth-shattering sentiment ever uttered as I think most of us who spend significant amount of time on the interwebs have felt this way at one point or another, and it's probably nothing that more talking about butts couldn't cure. Hey, butts. !!

Yesterday I posted a handful of my favorite macro shots from my phone, because I got a macro lens for my phone. It is probably the least practical thing I've ever purchased and yet it's bizarrely addictive. I'm keep finding myself trapped in this loop where I say, "My telephone did that. My telephone." and then I bump into the wall over and over because I remember how crazy it was when my Dad got a car phone and now, all the things are tiny from my telephone. So wee! So cute! –And more often than not, so gross. More things are disgusting close up than one would anticipate and I've thrown scads of shots into the garbage purely from the ewww WTF factor. Plants though, plants are pretty safe.


It's from photojojo. I'm still working out the kinks, but it's pretty amazing.


Full review on the photojojo macro lens: The quality is excellent, for the price but, BUT, it's tricky to work the focus, the depth of field is just so so small. I'm still in need of practice, but I have started using a tiny tripod to help control it, which is just about the stupidest thing I've ever said. TINY TRIPODS. I HAVE THEM.

The quality is shazam, when you hit the focus correctly, so my sole complaint to this point is that the magnet (which is supposed to hold it on to the phone) is faulty. I was holding it over a cup of coffee taking a picture and the damn thing fell right off INTO my coffee mug that was full of coffee. Cue panic.

I cleaned it with alcohol and lens wipes and reapplied a new magnet super-carefully, but it happened again over pavement and fell directly into a puddle. I emailed their customer service about it and they as much as admitted that yeah, it doesn't really stick on there at all, it's a known problem.

They sent me some troubleshooting tips, but in the end I had to apply a spare screen cover to the back side of my phone to help the magnet adhere and cut out a hole around the camera/flash. That fixed it, but not exactly an ideal process. Also, I had to use an exacto to cut away a big section out of my otterbox case so that it would fit on there without having to remove the case.

It's on a magnetic keychain type clip, which is "cute" but the magnetic backing pops off and then your lens is just rubbing around on your keys getting scratched up. I haven't found a good way to carry it around yet so every time I want to use it I walk into my kitchen and get it off the shelf. The wide-angle part unscrews from the macro, so when you're using the macro you have to carefully carry around the wide angle attachment which has no cover on the lens side, which I find extremely irritating. The keychain really should have served as a double cap for that too.

All in all, it has some quirks but the quality, for $20!?!?! Can't be beat. Can't. I've gotten some incredible (and really fun) images.

Also, THIS and THAT:

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