one hundred and two

May 18, 2012

100 day hair100 day hair

I have not washed my hair in 102 days.
This is 102 day hair.

I broke my streak last night. I KNOW. That happened.

It was not because it was getting gross. In fact it was visibly AWESOME re: that sexytime hair above. BUT. But. But– Hey man, I can't see the top of my own head. What if it was all weird or something? I am getting a haircut tomorrow and I didn't want to subject my beloved hair girl to the land of unwashed mysteries. Better safe than sorry, so I gave it a good old fashioned scalp-scrubbing in her honor.

Post-wash things are -sigh- much with the frizz, though not as dramatically different as I anticipated. It's light and fluffy. I know I'm supposed to find that delightful but I have so much hair that I desperately miss the taming that natural oils provide. Enter one fluffballhead with her hair in a bun.

It didn't smell. It wasn't greasy. It wasn't itchy. Yes, I'm a weirdo. I call it my hairicorn (very rare and elusive hair unicorn). That about sum up your questions?

For a full post with details on why/how see I don't wash my hair. Yes, really. If you compare the pictures above to the previous pictures in the old post (30 days post wash), you can see that my hair is adjusting better and is visibly less oily-looking. I liken it to an ecosystem finding homeostasis– it has taken a while to for it to self regulate.

Here we go again.

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