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May 24, 2012

You know who I want to kiss on the mouth? Anderson Cooper. You know why?

No no no, besides that.

Anderson Cooper Kicks Cosmetic Surgery Obsessed Mom Off Show: ‘You’re Dreadful'
Cooper dismissed his guest after only a few minutes and she fled the stage. Why? Oh, because this lady is batshit crazy, and he called her on it. Score one for Anderson Cooper...

Read the whole story over at my Mamapop's ››

Every writer (and I'm using the word 'writer' loosely there, don't get all excited about it) has a method to the madness. In fact even when I vomit an endless rant about new toddler bed! I have a general framework in mind, a few points I want to hit, a lay of the land so to speak.

Here, I saved these behind-the-scenes extremely scientific notes:

outline for serious business business writing

This is how work gets done inside my brain.
Also, like this:

this is me at work. taken by a coworker who happened to walk by. you're welcome.reward.
oh, Harlan.Untitled

Hey. Look at that cat.
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