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June 4, 2012


I really need to decompress, gather some coherent thoughts together, and work on, well, work. Working work work work. So this is official notice/apologies that posts this week are going to be purely playing catch up on a million photos I keep taking and forgetting to share, including pictures from the rally we spent all hours of the day at this weekend. Scooter club taking over my life! Motorcycle gloves de rigueur! Oil and grease and two stroke smoke! (When does the "Jamie takes a nap" part of this happen? Ever? Never? I'm betting on never.)


Thanks to this weekend he can now work a kick starter.

(In place of naps I have started something even more horrible, which is watching Vampire Diaries on netflix. God it's so painfully terrible and I'm counting down the return of True Blood next week solely so it can put these little bitches in their place as to what "hilarious" and "blood thirsty" mean because this teenage shit is far too surrious. It's awful. Why am I still watching? HOW CAN I STOP?)

Also speaking of the general region of naps, Jude fell out of his loft twice this weekend. Twice. And not like he rolled out of bed, either. Both times he was actively leaning over the railing trying to do crazy shit and plummeted 7 feet to the ground. How do I know this? The second time I walked through the door just in time to see him topple head over heels while trying to look at a bug on the outside of the window. WHY, CHILD? Have you no sense of self-preservation!? No pity for your poor mother's heart!? He is fine, uninjured obviously, and we've lined the floor with pillows and we're raising the railing and talking about NOT CLIMBING and all that safety stuff, but COME ON MAN. Be smarter. Or at least less brave.

Stuff I did last week in case you think I'm some kind of slacking slacker:

Selena Gomez And Vanessa Hudgens: Wild ‘Spring Breakers’ In Neon Bikinis
So here we are with these lovely young things that little girls have grown up admiring, now prancing around in their skivvies drinking, smoking, shooting guns with drug dealers, and generally being terrible role models. You know what? I’m still not Million Moms outraged about this. Here’s why... {continue reading over at the mamapop ››}

Chatter Box: Kathy Lee Bombs Martin Short Interview, Mary-Kate Olsen Dates An Old Guy, Bieber Shuts Down Oslo, Jessica Simpson Sells Baby Photos
Mary-Kate Olsen was spotted snoodlely-doodling an old French guy, Kathie Lee Gifford had a live TV oops on Wednesday morning’s Today, surprise appearance by the phrase "gangbang," police to threaten a state of emergency from the BIEBER FEVERZ, and more... {continue reading over at the mamapop ››}

I'm on this list. I had nothing to do with it and it makes me feel funny in my tummy. Like tart ice cream in my face.

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