yay baseball

June 11, 2012


Jon took Jude to his first baseball game yesterday on a father/son dude/man date, and I was going to specify big! or fancy! or major leagues! but since he had never been to any type of baseball game before I'm sure the impact of that was somewhat lost on him. Also, hi, he's two and a half. My expectations were not huge.

There are really fun things you imagine doing with your kid once they're old enough, but the reality is that a lot of those dreams turn out to be unattainable. It's too hot, your kid is whining, they're bothering the people next to you, your bag is too heavy– all too often I find myself just gritting my teeth through what I had hoped would be an awesome-bonding-funtime moment, except the planets didn't align and everything has gone horribly wrong. (And that is the story of me taking Jude to the Aquarium by myself that one time. Wheeee!)

Sometimes things are just not what you'd imagined they'd be.
Except– sometimes they're better.

Jude was totally FREAKING OUT excited about the game as if he had an understanding of what a big deal it was. It was one of the first times he's seemed to grasp looking forward to a special event, you know, in the future, which was cool to watch. All week he had been asking, "We go to the biiiiiig baseball game Dad?"  Finally on Sunday he asked again and we got to tell him, "YES. Tonight!" After nap it was all over. "Baseball game? Baseball game? Baseball game?" COOL IT, MAN. Yes, baseball game. We get it.

(Yeah it wasn't like that at all. I am unable to play the cool cynical parent here. It was adorable how jazzed he was. The excitement for dude-date was appreciated all around. This is a dad's dream. Son wound up to go to first baseball game with DAD! Turns out I am not yet completely robotic.)

I dropped the two of them off outside the stadium with a bag packed full of snacks and gear. Going places solo with a toddler can be spotty. The variables in the situation are still too wild to predict with much accuracy, his mood, the weather, the availability of snacks, screaming vs non-screaming, etc etc. Upping the ante they'd moved the game from an afternoon game to a night game that was set to start an hour after Jude is normally in bed. I wasn't sure if they'd make it the whole game or if I'd be getting a call in an hour to come pick their miserable butts up. I crossed my fingers for Jon's sanity and drove off.

sitting in the car downtown waiting for the game to let out. what an exciting late night for a little dude. I hope they are having fun.

I didn't hear from them until 5 hours later, after midnight, when they came strolling out of the stadium laughing and walking hand in hand. There was baseball throwing/watching! And fireworks! And hot dogs! And kind strangers! And exciting plays! (And winning. I'm sure that helps, too.)

It's worth commemorating when for once, everything goes perfectly right.


(Or, you know, so I hear. I was at home watching Vampire Diaries.)
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