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July 1, 2012

good morning sunshine.

(In case you missed last week's whatever:)

Chris Brown, Drake Each Offered $1 Million To Finish Their Fight In The Ring - “Oh sure, no one will get hurt at all! We’ll just put you into the ring with this guy that you tried to stab with a broken bottle and everything will be turning up fuzzy kittens! ONE MILLION DOLLARS...." continue reading ››

hose face

Katy Perry Promotes Her 3-D Movie Release: “It’s Time For Me To Go The F*** Away” - If Katy Perry can’t at least give the Biebs a little run/jog/mall-walk for his money I will weep for the future of humanity. Get me a space machine, it’s time to die... continue reading ››

tacos & scootsUntitled

She wants a piece... OF YOUR SOUL.
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