erry day we poolin

July 2, 2012

"I don't always go pooling, but when I do I bring this car."

"I don't always go pooling, but when I do I bring this car."

We have been busting our proverbial asses the past two weeks/weekends working outside on "secret yard project" ie, boring home-improvement stuff. (The secret is... no one cares!) While Jon and I put in sun-roasted 10-12 hour days with the power tools Jude has been pooling, pooling, pooling. As long as someone has a spare eye to supervise water safety we're clear to work until we can no longer lift our arms and legs. And how!

This distraction technique, while successful, does not stop him from yelling, "Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Moooooom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!" and spraying me directly in the spicytacokitten with the hose. Despite the minor downsides, he's been occupied enough that we can get shit done during hours that aren't naptime, and for that let me bless all the pooling gods– aaaaamen.


I often take for granted how chill Jude is, but I walked out to the garage mid project and noticed we had a bunch of saws just laying out all over the ground and it occurred to me that he hasn't gone near a single one. Thanks for not making me pick up after myself, kid. I owe you a toy or something.

Harlan, on the other hand, tried to drink out of a gallon of deck sealant. He has been henceforth relegated to the indoors for the duration of all projects because SERIOUSLY? It's probably for the best, because it's been over a hundred without a slice of shade and he takes special care to bake directly in the hot sun wherever he would be most in the way, foregoing all shade and water like he has a broiler-related death wish. Unsurprisingly, he also hates the pool. His dog-brain is no good rotten bad.

uh, you guys...

This is my new favorite picture.

(You know, until next week.)
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