and a face as black as death

September 19, 2012

Things are not quite so bleak as they may appear. Apparently I have been making everyone cry. Sorry team, I don't mean to bring you down into my cave of solitude. Let's link arms and walk back out towards the sun.

I've been throwing 90% of my energy into keeping the rest of my life ridiculously, pedantically normal so when I come here the thoughts that have poured out are all the ones I stridently refuse to acknowledge in real life. In other words, I've got a bad case of ye olde emotional poop-mouth.

No writer in their right mind will turn down some aromatic emotional thinking but I promise you can dial back the emergency texts and emails. Not to lie and say I'm thrilled about the current turmoil, but all things being temporary... well, temporary being the keyword, you know? I promise I won't make tears rain down in the shelter of your heart forever.

I would love to tell you another hilarious playground horror story but can you believe people have had the nerve to do nice things lately like learn my name and ask us to come to their birthday parties? So rude, I'm highly offended.

Life continues as normal. Case and point: I have just relieved myself from time out, for biting, and now that Jude is taking his nap I'm going to watch Vampire Diaries and eat a reheated pile of glop I made from pinterest. I like to drink coffee and I still can't figure out how to do a topknot.

I'm voting MOAR BABY CHEETAH in 2012. ✌

And here's a picture of a BABY CHEETAH.

See? Perfectly regular.

{Housekeeping sidenote(s): I never mention it, because I know some people have this crazy irrational hatred of instagram, but I am not one of those people. I love instagram and I want to have its filthy, dirty babies. I sure hope nobody gets crabs. If you want to see all the pictures that never make it here you should follow me there, I'm thegrumbles (of course).

And hey also – g&g facebook page. Like it. Love it. Talk to me on it.}
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