dear jude: three

September 5, 2012


Dear Jude,

Three is the framework. There's still building and molding and polishing to do but the heart what we're making has already been forged. The only thing someone three needs to be happy is a room full of balloons. I'd like to think that's true of any age but one day you'll wake up and it won't be enough anymore.

You are thrilled to be three, and though I'll admit it's amazing that it's been three whole years since your debut I can't quite wrap my head around it being only three years since I met you. You change every day. You haven't changed a single bit.

Three is the framework; three is the skeleton to which we can bind muscle and morality.

Three is when we sat alone together and 'together' wasn't close enough, we pressed our limbs until our skin became one again. You jammed your face into the curve of my neck so we could breathe the same air the way we used to and I felt our chests filling with air at the exact same rate. When we're together knee-deep and staring out at the water the ripples spread in the shape of one body, not two.

I'm alone when I'm with you because we're us when we're together. I don't know what might mean for the future.

Three is fuel; ready set race to the finish.


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