what lies ahead

October 29, 2012


This will be my 4th (FOUTH!) year participating in nablopomo. For those unaware of what is approaching us minute by minute at an alarming rate, nablopomo is national blog posting month (also national novel writing month, for crazy people) in which a ramshackle group of unlikely heroes vow/promise/pray/drink/cry/swear to blog something every day for the month of November and electronically nudge the ring closer to Mordor with the deep, wonderful thoughts that come out the other side and/or pictures of random stuff.

(Post every day. That's actually all you do.)

I saw some calls on twitter that today was the "first day of nablopomo!" and I would like a copy of whatever donkey-kong calendar they're smoking because it's not November yet. Call me a "traditionalist" if you must, but I believe the next month starts on the first day of the next month and not three days before the next month or the first Monday before the month starts or the Monday when it's most convenient for your social media projections. Normally I do whatever twitter tells me but Thursday is where I'm drawing my line in the sand.

I've successfully completed each nablopomo past, though some years were barely by the skin of my teeth and with a smattering of here's a photo!!1!! at 11:59pm. No matter how difficult it was to post every day or how annoying it got as Thanksgiving rolled around, at the end of each nablopomo I have emerged reinvigorated and reminded why I continue to blog. I sure could use some of that right now, what with the still unemployment and the hard-to-write-stressfulness. Now please pass the punch and pie.

If you plan to participate please let me know. Nablopomo is a quest, but it is also a community. There is an official signup or something which I am not doing this year because the man can't hold down this much crazy for long. If you will be embarking on this long and perilous journey alongside me let's join together and drop the support bomb all over middle earth as prescribed by our physicians.

Erry. Damn. Day.
You ready for this party?

just kidding, I don't have a chainsaw. yet.
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