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November 1, 2012

eagle bones falconhawk

Jude went as Eagle Bones Falconhawk for Halloween. He quite insisted, and who am I to come between the love of a young boy and his favorite lazerbeam slamming guitarist?

I made him the full outfit for his birthday back in September knowing Halloween was around the corner. Yesterday he lept out of bed at the crack of barely darkness and screamed, "It's HALLOWEEEEEEEEN" every ten minutes at the top of his lungs. It was a very good day.

(And I'm sorry, but it's way better than being a power ranger or a dooooctor or a lawwwyer or an airline pilot.) ((Also sorry to anyone whose kid dressed up as a lawyer. How unlucky for you.))

Eagle Bones Falconhawk is an Aquabat, and this is where some people may remember The Aquabats as a wacky punk band from the 90's, and some may remember flipping past them briefly on the tv, but most people are remembering things like "grocery list" and "must wash cardigans." Either way, they are both a punk band from the 90's AND just recently a purely awesome television show that everyone should watch, as decreed by the Jude.

(Also, buy some cookies and toilet paper. You're welcome.)

In the spring Jude started coming home from Awesome Babysitter's house all a tizzy about fighting robots and stinky muck monsters and screeeow lazer guitars and I just chocked it up to all those weird weird things he says, because dude never stops moving his lips unless he's sleeping. I thought it might be a passing phase and then he'd move on but it didn't stop, and I still had no idea what the hell he was talking about.

Day after day he would go on and on about cactus monsters in the desert and EAGLE BONES and finally one day when I was picking him up they were watching the show and I looked over his shoulder as I was helping him put on his shoes and I thought, "Huh, that looks exactly like the Aquabats on tv – IT IS THE AQUABATS ON TV – WHAT IS HAPPENING?!"

Oh, right, the tv show that my kid is completely obsessed with just happens to be about a band I used to love and saw play live like 15 years ago, because of course that makes perfect sense that that would happen.

Fate exists.

After seeing the full show suddenly everything he had been saying about the local city dump for the past three months made a whole lot more sense and I was relived to discover that Jude is indeed not totally crazy, just mostly a little bit crazy.

Monday we went downtown to early vote and there was a guy in line ahead of us with a kid who couldn't have been more than a year older than Jude. While we were milling around trying to avoid the old ladies handing out stacks of dead trees Jude snuck up front and very seriously introduced himself to his prospective playmate and his father:

"Hey. My name is Eagle Bones. I'm three."

eagle bones falconhawk
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