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November 29, 2012

So here we are, and I have a fever and a dog and a need for speed (sleep) and there is only one day left in november's nablopomo. It would be criminal to give up now, and the blogging police would show up at my door and handcuff my ears to my toes, which would be pretty unfortunate because there's so much snot.

Also, aren't you supposed to starve a cold? Because I cannot stop eating.

Anyway, I did actually make something beautiful with my mind today, but it's there and not here, because my cold-sodden brain only has room to make on thing today and that thing done did already be maked. So, go read this miracle of life and report back (or don't) and know that I will always love you unless you shave your head and marry Ashton Kutcher.

Demi Moore's New Boyfriend Is Younger That Ashton Kutcher
Look, I don’t pay a lot of attention to The Life and Times of Demi Moore. In fact if that was an actual magazine I would surely not subscribe. I find her acting career fleshless and her choice in male companions barf-worthy. I suppose there was a time once in the 90′s where she had some kind of cred (GI Jane) but that was 22 years ago, right? Turns out a lot of things happened 20ish years ago, like the birth of her new paramour...  continue reading at the mamapop

Possibly now you are thinking wow, I've really missed you. Let's be together. I understand that you are dying from snot but I can't live another minute without reading something amazing that you've written. That's me, being you.

And this is your perfect chance to catch up on all my mamapopping, which you can always track on my little sidebar but here I'll make things easier: Chevy Chase is ruining everything, no turkey for you, tricky vegetarian actors!, Angelina and Brad are raising tiny monsters (says one lady in the comments), doctors still can't figure out how to stop kids from watching tv, Lady Gaga gets an A+ for niceness, and my personal favorite: Kristen Stewart should be the spokesperson for everything ever here's why.

See you tomorrow.
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