meanwhile, at the overlook

November 4, 2012


We spent the weekend camping in a place so nowhere my phone turned itself off in protest, which was fine because it wouldn't have been able to do anything if it were turned on anyway. I tried to charge it inside a mitten and it said ha ha, haha ha, no really don't bother with that. Who ya gunna call? NOBODY.

Then coyotes ate all our dog food and it started sleeting.

You know what's great about weather? I mean besides clouds and wind and rain and all that regular stuff? I don't really know either. WEATHER! It's a thing that happens all the time with sometimes good or bad results!

I love camping as much or more than the average bro singing the Outfield late into the night around the campfire but rain even more than cold makes sleeping outdoors downright unpleasant. The only thing worse than mud in a tent is a leak in a cold muddy tent before the ice-rain begins and your only umbrella breaks for no reason and pours water into your ever-dwindling campfire. Pour one out for the party god.

On the other hand we brought plenty of coffee and beer. We'll call it a draw.

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