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November 19, 2012

Yesterday I almost wrote a post about yarn abortions. It was just on the cusp of pouring out of my mouth (fingers) when I looked up and realized I could either A.) keep writing for several hours, as it was destined to become a full-blown essay or B.) go eat pizza rolls. I am pro Totino's® choice.

If you want to make jokes about yarn abortions really work you have to sit down and commit to the thing, buy it a ring and a bouquet and walk all the way around the meat of it until it's fully fleshed out and stuck in your teeth. Maybe it ends up being something amazing or maybe it doesn't but you aren't going to find out by putting the keyboard down and running towards the festival of frozen foods, even if they are a special party in your face.

Point well taken, me.

I find it difficult sometimes to start writing, not because I don't have anything to say but because I'm afraid once I open the door I won't be able to close it. I can see water spilling out over the barrier at the edges out of the side of my eye and sometimes it's seems easier, less risky, to run through quickly and leave things left unsaid rather than cracking opening the door and unleashing the flood.

Things were never meant to be easy.

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