none, breathed the light, faint & faery of the stars, and two

December 5, 2012

I have been taking a few days off from writing to recharge my mental state, which involves knitting, fueling my body with pop tarts, and watching Bad Boys II. It's been thoroughly enjoyable and I'd highly recommend it. I feel better already.

Also I like Skrillex now, so I'm a completely different person and I'll have to be put to death almost immediately. I apologize.

In the mean time we'll always have you, me, and my diseased, tortured addiction to creeping out at dawn and taking pictures at sunrise. It makes my hermetic heart b-b-b-beat like a drum and I soak up rays of light like alcohol. Ahead we go, tally-ho!

fog, daybreak
where i stand
foggy morning

(Also, this happened. I'm not sure if that's one of those things where it's not cool to mention it because you look like a smug jerk or if it's one of those things you're allowed to tell people about because fuck, I write a "mom-blog" but at least it's the 57th best mom-blog of 2012? Magic 8-ball says results unclear so let's keep it dowwwn lowwww BAM BAM BAM STANKY LEG.)

Here, keep yourself busy/in a state of seizure for the rest of the afternoon. {Skrillex Quest}
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