Update: I still don't wash my hair, yes really.

June 4, 2013


I have not washed my hair in 266 days.
This is 266 day hair.

Hello, yes, I still don't wash my hair. And no, I don't mean "just without soap." I'm not sure why this is such a difficult concept to grasp; I am not making some kind of verbal wittery where I actually mean I DO wash my hair but only every other month or only with wheatgrass or only in natural spring water. I just stopped doing it, and this is what my hair looks like.

How to stop washing your hair:
(Please pin this critical information to pinterest*)

1. Buy a shower cap, preferably with flowers and/or kittens and butterflies on it.
2. Don't wash your hair.
3. ...............
4. ...................
5. ..........

Clear up any remaining confusion? Great! I'll be over here, having a nice lie-down and doing nothing, definitely not washing my hair.

haircut salon day

My hairs have reached critical lengths, and don't get me wrong, after 4+ years of growing that's a good thing!, but it still sometimes comes as a shock when I'm scrambling down the hall to the bathroom in the half-dark and I suddenly feel something lightly stroking the top of my butt and I'm like, "WHO'S THAT, BACK OFF RAPE GHOSTS!" and I spin around in circles swinging my claw-hands at the air except hey it's just my own hair, super long and touching all the unexpected things. Like my own butt. Also sometimes it tries to strangle me in my sleep. MY HAIR IS HAUNTED.

I had a little trimmy-trim on the ends, hence the break in the non-washing streak, and also I shaved the back of my head please don't ask so many questions. The important thing is it's here, guys. My hair is finally the breast-covering shirt my heart always dreamed it could be. When I pretended to be a mermaid leaping around in a shell bra at the swimming pool I never expected I would at the same time look so much like an escapee from a plural marriage compound but hey, those are the sacrifices we have to make to help a little girl's dreams come true.

washawash counter, round 2

*Do not pin this to pinterest
**As the original post detailed, thoroughly and in large letters, your success with attempting this method may vary based on your own hair's magical properties or lack thereof.

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