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August 7, 2013

future american apparel leotard salesman or rider of one of those stupid really tall bikes i hate those things
side view SNEAK ATTACK

So. That happened. Big. Er... small? Short?

As much crap as we got when Jude's hair was "long" though by all accounts not really that long ("He's too pretty! Like a girl!" "Does she like candy? Little girls love candy." "Gross. Boy don't have long hair." Cue eyerolls here.), I'm pleased to report that we are now receiving an equal amount of crap for finally cutting it this past weekend. Hooray! Tickertape parade for all the humans!

We shouldn't have cut it! How dare us! We should have cut it more! We should have fully shaved his head and enrolled him into the tiny gunman's american academy for future psychopaths! etc. etc. etc. Apparently you can't please anybody, ever, any amount of the time. Please feel free to register your complaints at the office of my fist. You can bribe the secretary with cupcakes if you feel inclined, but I can't promise it will make a lick of difference and I hear the principal is kind of a jerk.

I loved Jude's long hair and I thought he looked great! But until you're the one combing crusty scrambled eggs out of it while everyone screams in the dark at 7am you can DEAL WITH IT. Go smoke some legal-depending-on-your-state pot and have a relax, guys, you're starting to freak me out. And, as Jude has been so wisely admonishing people who remark on it, with a so hip shrug of his shoulders, "It's just hair. It grows back." Frankly, I think he looks like a boss. He's the straight up coolest kid I know. Is he less cool now? No. He is infinitely more cool. Come on.

everything's better when you smile

"My head feels like a secret cat! Brilliant idea, mom!"


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